Penalties and heroics give Atlético their second Copa Reina

He Atletico Madrid has been proclaimed champion of the Queen’s Cup for the second time in its history after defeating in the final held at the Butarque Stadium in Leganés the Real Madrid after a penalty shootout and after being able to equalize a 2-0 when trailing in the 88th minute.

The Madrid team already had the trophy by the handle. Two headers from set pieces had given him the advantage, but it was too conservative in the final stretch and the mattress maker demonstrated his competitive character. This time, the added time was favorable to the rojiblanco, capable of equalizing, resisting extra time and taking the prize in some penalties where his rival missed three shots to remain without the first title.

Real Madrid started the final strong, whose pressure drowned their rival from the start. However, he was settling down and managed to bring the match to his home ground and being the one who most sense of danger led to the area of ​​Misa Rodríguez, who had more work than Lola Gallardo.

Ajibade, an authentic ‘torment’ for Kenti Robles, gave the first warning with a header from a corner kick and shortly after the Canarian goalkeeper got her first good hand at a shot into the heart of the Banini area. Atlético began to play their game, largely due to their ability to prevent Caroline Weir and Claudia Zornoza from coming into contact with the ball.

Feller was a bit of a pointed islet, Athenea del Castillo was not excessively fine and Linda Caicedo threatened, but intermittently. However, Real Madrid were the ones who found the advantage from a corner kick which, according to the television images, might not have gone to their favour. Tolettiimperial, headed across the net and made it 1-0 after half an hour.

Óscar Cano’s team accused the coup. With more spaces, Alberto Toril’s man threatened him with a couple of counterattacks always under the baton of the quality of Weir, but the final stages were more rojiblancos with Misa Rodríguez once again showing her position before another dangerous shot from Ajibade.

Real Madrid caresses the Cup

The exit from the changing rooms after the break brought again the best Real Madrid start, to which this time the mattress team had no response, who found themselves unable to leave and seeing how the Cup was getting expensive. Lola Gallardo put a spectacular hand on Weir, but she couldn’t do anything minutes later before another header after a corner kick, this time from the captain Ivana Andres at the far post.

Atlético, cold as the environment due to the irruption of the rain in the form of a torrent, no longer found Ajibade nor the way out and Óscar Cano tried to react with a triple change (Irene Guerrero, Eva Navarro and Lucía Moral) in search of the goal that would restore their options, but it did not work because the F League runner-up controlled the situation well.

Toril got more possession with Maite Oroz for a very active Del Castillo in the second half. Real Madrid took a step back, and although they were able to rule after an error in Menayo’s start that, strangely, Weir did not take advantage of, they paid dearly for it because of They are big. Argentina signed a great play so that Lucia Moral cut back at 88′ and then was able in the final rush to take the game into extra time with a sensational free kick.

In the extra half hour hardly anything happened and the penalties ended up smiling at Atlético de Madrid, who won the Copa de la Reina for the second time after that of 2016. Madrid, on the other hand, wasted a golden opportunity to have won the first title after four years of history (the women’s section of the white club was founded in February 2019).


Real Madrid, 2: Mass; Oaks, Kathellen, Ivana, Carmona; Toletti (Secret Strawberry, 114 mins), Zornoza (Abelleira, 82 mins), Weir; Athenea (Oroz, min.70), Caicedo (Svava, min.82) and Feller (Moller, min.70)
Atletico Madrid, 2: Gallant; Moraza (Alexia, min.76), Van Dongen (Lundkvist, min.67), Menayo, Medina; Maitane, Sonia Majarín (Guerrero, min.57); Cardona (Moral, min. 57), Banini, Ajibade; and Barbara (Eva Navarro, min.57)

Referee: Acevedo Dudley (Catalan Committee). He admonished Kathellen (min.34), Oroz (min.93), Lundkvist (min.110), Alexia (min.114)
Goals: 1-0, min.30: Okay. 2-0, min.55: Ivana. 2-1, min.87: Lucia Moral. 2-2, 95 min: Banini.
Penalty sequence: Menayo (0-1), Weir (1-1), Guerrero (1-2), Carmona (foul) (1-2), Eva Navarro (1-3), Abelleira (foul) (1-3), Banini (fault) (1-3), Svava (fault) (1-3)
Incidences: Final of the Copa de la Reina played at the Butarque de Leganés stadium (Madrid) in front of 9,217 spectators. In the preview, the players posed with a banner with the message ‘Racists, out of football

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