Oliver Glasner tells secret about Makoto Hasebe

Aelder, what is he doing there? In Frankfurt, people were amazed this week about the football coach Oliver Glasner – and we are amazed too. “I’ll tell you something, yes,” Glasner said with fury in his voice because a reporter questioned the attitude of the players in a very clichéd manner.

“The old Makoto Hasebe is 39, he’s playing 90 minutes for the third time this week at the end of the season, where we have our 43rd competitive game. Well, he has blood in his urine sometimes because he’s so broken. And what does he do? He’s playing again.”

Now let’s tell you something, yes: Old Hasebe played because Oliver Glasner obviously wanted to. As a coach, he doesn’t have to abide by the Hippocratic Oath either, more like what might be labeled the Oath of Rehakles: It’s crucial that a player can trust his coach. And how is that supposed to work when he’s angry and says he has blood in his urine?

He will “always defend” his team, Glasner said on Thursday – and only demonstrated that he doesn’t seem to have understood the problem: he didn’t defend his player, he violated his privacy.


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