Official note from the National Basketball League –

With this note, National Basketball League intends to offer its apologies to enthusiasts, insiders and the Media for the disservice that occurred on May 7th. And related to the use of the platform, managed by the partner Domino. We are well aware that the awareness-raising activities on the classic critical issues of the last round of the season and which, as a habit, were forwarded last week to the LNP partner supply chain, are useless publicity in the face of the non-functionality of the site. With the use of social channels and the mailing service, it was possible to provide the necessary information to users in a timely fashion. But the fact remains that it was only a remedial and emergency commitment. Made possible by the efforts of the LNP staff. LNP is awaiting reports from the related service supply partners to trace the causes of the unexpected disruption.

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2023-05-08 23:18:14
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