Nine years ago, Lance Stephenson was blowing in LeBron James’ ear

NBA – Two years ago, Lance Stephenson returned to this moment when he tried to destabilize LeBron James during a memorable series against the Heat.

Now 33, Lance Stephenson no longer dreams of the NBA… and he spent his season in Puerto Rico. Author of a very decent career, he will forever remain the one who had… blown in the ear of LeBron James!

“I happen to do the same thing with my wife. It’s really a defensive tactic.” had quipped LeBron James at the time of the facts. It was at the heart of a thrilling series between the Heat and the Pacers, two years ago, he had given his version of the facts.

“I hadn’t prepared it. It was in the heat of the moment. We are on the field, in competition… Everyone wants only one thing: to win the match. Sometimes you do whatever it takes to win the game. This guy is difficult to defend, so you have to give your best, and that’s what I did. »

Lakers teammates

Powerless, Lance Stephenson had therefore tried to distract LeBron Jamesand social networks have made it a “meme” that has remained in the memories. “I didn’t expect it to be shown…I didn’t know it was recorded. They seized right on time. It was crazy! »

A few years later, Lance Stephenson and LeBron James met at the Lakers. “I didn’t think it would happen… It was a great experience and I learned a lot from the veterans. But we never talked about it again…”

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