Nikola Jokic: “When I Came To The USA I Wasn’t Even Sure I Could Play In The NBA”



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Denver Nuggets, one of the NBA teams, swept the Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 in the Western Conference Finals and advanced to the NBA finals for the first time in its history.

MVP winner Nikola Jokic, the architect of success, puts his signature under a historic performance in the playoffs. Struggling with 29.9 points, 13.3 rebounds and 10.3 assists averages in 15 games, Jokic wants to crown his career with a championship.

Making statements at the press conference, the star player mentioned the support of his family, the first time he came to the USA and his final success.

Jokic’s explanations are as follows:

“Winning was great, but half an hour after the game everything went back to normal. Honestly, I was expecting a much bigger feeling. I didn’t celebrate, I just enjoyed and relaxed”

“My family has always supported me, especially my father, who always said I could do more. My whole life has been like this. When I moved to Belgrade, my brothers lived with me, they were always with me, and when I went to the USA, Nemanja, who lived here before me, was with me, we had a nice journey together so far. I was happy to be with them when I came to the USA, as a kid you always wanted to be with your older brothers. It was a greater pleasure for me than coming to the NBA. ”

“I always knew basketball wouldn’t be my priority. I like it that way because there is something at home that is much more important to me than basketball. I’ve always known that, and now I’ve proven to myself that I was right. Parenting and family help me stay balanced. So even when things are not going well, there is someone I can go to and be with my loved ones.”

“I didn’t watch much of the NBA as a kid, but I remember Sacramento with Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic. But I was very young back then and I don’t remember all the details.”

“When I first came to the USA, I didn’t even know I could play in the NBA, but now I see that everything is somehow connected. Glad we were all together. My wife, my girlfriend at the time, went to college in Oklahoma and we were separated for six or seven months. We were young so we were happy to be together again and in the USA. I didn’t know my girlfriend would be my wife and we would be here together”

“Honestly, I expected more. We won and I was very happy because we made history. But we didn’t really do anything special, because if we don’t win the championship, in two or three years, no one will remember us.”

“Whoever comes in the final, we will be ready. Both teams offer a different type of basketball. Boston can change everything, putting both long and short players on my defense and Jamal. Miami is much more aggressive, every match with them is a battle. There is a lot of physical contact”

“That’s right, Felipe Eichenberger (the Nuggets’ fitness coach) was the first to say I’d be MVP in the future. We were in the car on the way to the airport, when we talked about it, I laughed. I never believed I would reach this moment, it seems to me that I’ve been playing the same since I started playing basketball in Sombor and I’ve improved some things a little bit, but fundamentally I haven’t changed much. Maybe it’s just continuity that matters”.

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