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05/13/2023 – 09:15 am

Now take a deep breath…

He scored 17 touchdowns in his football career, parallel to his NFL career he was successful in Major League Baseball (MLB). Bo Jackson (60) was the only person to become an All-Star in two of the four major US sports. After his career he now had to deal with a nasty opponent.


Jackson as a running back for the Los Angeles Raiders

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The former baseball and football pro revealed on “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning” on British radio station “WJOX-FM” that he has been suffering from constant hiccups for about a year. Accordingly, he has already tried everything to get rid of the constant hiccups. But nothing would help.

Jackson, who used to be called “wild boar” because of his wildness and way of playing: “I did everything: scared myself, hung upside down, drank water and sniffed a porcupine’s butt.” Even though the porcupine and wild boar were getting so close now , he is still suffering.

The recurring hiccups may sound funny. But Jackson is annoyed. That’s why a doctor should help now. Jackson: “I’m going to have a medical procedure done to try and fix it.”

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The constant harassment probably even meant that he could not attend the 2022 induction ceremony into the baseball hall of fame. Jackson: “I’m busy sitting in the hospital with doctors, shining lights down my throat, trying to figure out why I’m having the hiccups.”

Jackson knows doctors. In 1992, he dislocated his hip after a tackle from a Bengals player. He then ended his NFL career and later had an artificial hip implanted.

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