NBA: Karl Malone wins 5 million dollars with pieces of the Dream Team of 1992

Karl Malone he had a real museum in one of the car dealerships he owns in Utah. In such a way that it was not known if the clients came to see the cars or to contemplate in ecstasy the enormous collection of pieces about the 1992 Dream Team that ‘the Postman’ exhibits. But either he got tired of them, or he needed some money because in the middle of this week he auctioned. 24 of those jewels of basketball history.

Malone gets pocketed just over 5 million dollars at the auction organized by Goldin in which he got rid of those 24 pieces, some of enormous value. The most, of course, a shirt worn -and later signed- by Michael Jordan in the semifinal against Lithuania in which the Dream team destroyed the new European country, 127-76. That garment worn by ‘Air’ reached an auction value of $3,030,000which is a record for any jersey or shoe worn by Jordan with the 1992 team that won gold in Barcelona.

Another of the shirts that came into action, in that semifinal, in this case the one worn by Larry Bird, fetched $360,000 at auction, while a pair of sneakers Bird was auctioned for 91,000both caps for pieces from the former Celtics.

There were a few more T-shirts that reached six figures, like the ones from Charles Barkley (230.000) y David Robinson (116,000), also used in the semi-final against Lithuania. It is also from that party that she got Clyde Drexler and that is auctioned for $92,000 signed ‘The Glide’ and a dedication to Malone: ​​”I’ve enjoyed being your partner.”

2023-05-28 09:39:58
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