Millionaires could not with a lazy América MG and gave in in Sudamericana

South American Cup

The ambassador drew 1-1 against the Brazilians and despite their superiority, they failed to win.

Millionaires vs América MG Sudamericana

Millonarios failed to beat América Mineiro in the Copa Sudamericana and ended up drawing 1-1 at El Campín, giving up home points for qualifying. However, the local did not suffer too much, but missed an option to continue winning.

The one who started with a good superiority was the local Millonarios, who from minute 16 managed to pierce the net of América MG, where the scorer Leonardo Castro defined in a great way against Matheus Cavichioli for the ambassador’s 1-0, thanks to the fact that the The ball went through the left area inside the area through the center of the goal.

After the goal, the Bogotanos left more comfortably and did not leave many spaces for América MG, who did not find the formula to reach the goal after Castro’s score and it was not clear where the Brazilians were going to tie.


South American Cup

However, like all Brazilian teams, they did not give up and surprisingly the visit reached a draw before the end of the first half.

In minute 45+2 Felipe Azevedo knocked down Álvaro Montero’s goal and thanks to a shot with his right foot from the center of the area that ended up being embedded by the left post of the ambassador goalkeeper, for a good definition by the Brazilian who knocked out those from Gamer.

For the Millonarios complement, he came out with the same intensity and took advantage of the fact that América MG did not have the initiative to score another goal, so the ambassador did not clash, gradually managing to advance his lines to achieve the second score.

The game continued and América MG just began to approach with approximations, but they could not be forceful against Álvaro Montero due to the lack of definition of the Brazilians, who did not coordinate with their legacies.

Despite the fact that Millonarios was superior against América MG and played better, they did not achieve the goal that would leave them calmer in the face of qualifying and in the most important game, the ambassador did not achieve the goal.

In the end, Millonarios drew 1-1 with América MG and missed two important points that would have left him the solid leader of group F of Sudamericana. The ambassador was left with seven points and the Brazilian was second with four points.

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