Maxime, 14 years old, vice-champion of France

Boxing slippers. Ln May 20 and 21, the French team championships took place in Puy-en-Velay, in Haute-Loire before, the following weekend, the French Youth championships.

For the Savate French Boxing club de Breteuil, the results are more than satisfactory.

Indeed, during the French team championships, Carole-Anne Fournier and her brother Florent Fournier were part of the 6 members of the Hauts-de-France team which finished 3rd in the competition.

“Carole-Anne and Florent held their rank and greatly contributed to this result” notes Philippe Fournier, president of the club and father of the two young athletes.

French boxing savate well represented in Hauts-de-France.
Photo of the Hauts-de-France team. Florent Fournier, on the left and his sister Carole-Anne, second from the right.

Another satisfaction this weekend of May 27 and 28, during the French Youth Championships at the Judo Institute in Paris with, in contention, the 4 champions of their respective zone. The young Maxime Lemaire, 14, made a strong impression.

Maxime Lemaire, 14 years old, vice-champion of France in savate boxing

A warning cost him the victory during the first meeting (defeat by the majority 3 judges to 2). But the boxer was able to find the energy and the desire to win the other matches and win the title of minimal vice-champion of France.

Philippe Fournier is full of praise for the teenager: “This title of vice-champion of France is not a discount title, Maxime Lemaire has gone through all the stages, after winning the title of Hauts-de-France champion at home then that of zone champion (Hauts-de-France, Grand Est, Bourgogne Franche-Comté) in La Bassée, in the North, which qualifies him for the finals in Paris. This title rewards the efforts he has made since arriving at the club of Breteuil in 2019.

“The results obtained by our club once again show our skills in boxing at the highest level of our discipline in different categories” says President Fournier.

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