Maratea went to encourage Red: “I’m leaving victorious”

The influencer was applauded by the fans in the stadium. “The losing streak ended,” he celebrated. And he warned: “We are looking at buying a box.”

They greeted him like a celebrity. After having launched a collection for Independiente fans to contribute money in order to pay the main debts that the club has, Santiago Maratea He went to the field to encourage Red against Belgrano. Avellaneda’s team won (2-0) and people were grateful to the influencer for having made the commitment to organize the trust to raise funds.

“I’m going victorious. We won and I’m very happy. The losing streak ended. I’m focused, the collection is going as expected. The last time I looked we were going for 584 million (NdeR: Later it went up to 588,506,282) and it was yet to open the doors foreign accounts. There is no need to despair because of how big the debt is. We are breaking records, at least in terms of what my collections are,” Maratea commented after the match.

The 30-year-old was excited. Some cabuleros asked him to attend the next games, since the Red ended a losing streak of 12 games without winning in the League and won at home for the first time so far in 2023. “We are looking at buying the box”surprised Maratea in dialogue with the radio program Reds of Passion, led by Martín Roldán. And he was noticed excited by the reception that the public gave him: “I noticed the gratitude of the fans and it makes me very happy that they had a joy”

Maratea dismissed some rumors that linked him to some political sectors: “Fake news was installed to stain me. The criticism comes from malicious people. I don’t work for anyone, I’m not involved in politics nor am I interested. I have many opportunities to connect, but that’s not my place”.

Next objective, the debt with America

The influencer, who watched the match from a box located in the northern sector of the stadium, said that they aim to try to raise $5,700,000 this week to cancel the debt with América de México for Cecilio Domínguez’s pass: “We are not so far. There are chances of getting to raise the money to be able to pay the debt of America this week. I have a lot of faith. Then we will have to see if everything can be coordinated to make the payment, for that there will be a meeting and we will organize it.”

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