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Is national player Anton Stach (24, 2 internationals) already one for the FC Bayern?

TV expert Didi Hamann (49) sparked the discussion about it this week in the “Abendzeitung München”, the record champions defensive midfielder Mainz 05 recommended as a six for a necessary rebuild on the defensive.

BILD asked 05 coach Bo Svensson (43) how he thinks about whether he thinks Stach is mature enough for Bayern? At least indirectly, the Dane then laughs at Hamann!

“Who said that?” Svensson asked in disbelief at first. In order to then very diplomatically deny the Sky expert any judgment: “I don’t know how many games Hamann saw from us this year. That may be his opinion…”

“It doesn’t happen by chance in Munich…” Has everything been launched?

Svensson has a very different opinion on Stach, would have expected a lot more from him this season!

“I think very, very highly of Anton, he has talent and potential,” says Svensson. But then to push one after the other…

Svensson: “He had some problems this season with injuries, with setbacks – but also with building on the strong previous season. He’s had a decent season. But if you know its potential, there is still room for improvement in my rating. He didn’t bring his potential and his talent to the pitch as often as he and we had hoped.”

In plain language, that probably means: Hamann has no idea when he says something like that – Stach should first show a consistently outstanding performance over a longer period of time before he can think about clubs like Bayern!

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