LIVE CL Futsal: Anderlecht are heading for the semi-final against Sporting | Futsal

Anderlecht will play the Final 4 of the Champions League futsal this weekend. Can the purple and white futsal players in Mallorca make a shot at the great jay? We follow it on this page.

little finale
sun 5 pm
Sporting CP (Por) ANDERLECHT fri 6 pm
Palma Mallorca (Spa) Benfica (By) fri 9 pm

  1. 6:51 pm. Halftime: 6-0 for Sporting. Anderlecht finally succeeded in limiting the damage in the second part of the first, but that also happened by the grace of Sporting. For the rest, it was 20 painful minutes for everyone with a purple and white heart. .
  2. 6:34 pm. The damage is mounting: 6-0! Anderlecht tries to do something against it with a challenge (hands outside the goal area), but that protest is dismissed. Not much later it’s cash again on the other side, a goal from Erick. .
  3. 6 pm 19. Painful! painful! The last glimmers of hope are now completely gone. Another goal after a kick-in, this time from Neves. It is 5-0 and Sporting already has 5 different goalscorers on the board. .
  4. 6:15 pm. Anderlecht are outclassed: 4-0! If this continues, an abacus will not suffice. Substitute Edu works the ball into goal himself this time. At Sporting they seem to be having a party after barely 5 minutes. .
  5. 6 pm 10. 3-0 for Sporting! The dream is becoming a true nightmare for Anderlecht, a punishment is just around the corner. Alex Merlim can find the space for a shot and he leaves Roncaglio without a chance. The Anderlecht coach already has to use up a time-out. .
  6. 6 pm 07. 2-0 for Sporting! And the nightmare continues. Again they are sleeping at Anderlecht at a kick-in. This time it is Tomas Paço who – with a slightly deviated shot – can finish. In between the two goals, Anderlecht had already threatened, with a shot from Grello on the crossbar. .
  7. 18h05. 1-0 for Sporting! Bad start for Anderlecht, as Sporting takes the lead after more than a minute. The Purple & White are surprised with a quick kick-in, Cavinato is the fastest on the ball and immediately scores. .
  8. 6 pm 01. Kick-off. We can start gradually. At Anderlecht, the five Roncaglio, Tomic, Rescia, Jelovcic and Grello have been chosen. .
  9. 17 hours 49.
  10. 05-05-2023.
  11. 13h39.

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