Liberec – Hr. Králové 2:3, Hradec dominated the shootout, but the million belongs to Liberec

Slovan led twice in the match thanks to Mohamed Doumbia and Lubomír Tupta, but Votroc managed to equalize each time and Matej Trusa decided the match with his second goal in the 81st minute. Filip Kubala scored once for the guests. East Bohemians defeated Liberec in the league after 13 duels.

After the home debacle, Královéhradec changed their line-up and replaced the three stoppers with four defenders today. The intruders started actively, but Vašulín’s header was brought to the corner by the defender Purzitidis. On the opposite side, after Prebsl’s header, Gabriel almost knocked the ball into his own net, but goalkeeper Vízek managed to save.

Photo: Vít Černý, CTK

Mohamed Doumbia from Liberec scores the first goal of the match.

In the 22nd minute, the home team was already in the lead. Smrž lost the ball after Mikula’s cross from the left side in front of the goal and Doumbia beat Vízek with a bouncing shot to the post. The defensive midfielder from the Ivory Coast scored for the third time in the Czech league.

Coach Bílek concludes who is a candidate for the position of coach in PilsenVideo:

On the opposite side, the guests got the ball over the line, but the referee had already blown the whistle for an attacking foul. After that, Bačkovský knocked out Kučer’s shot. The East Bohemians managed to equalize only seven minutes after the break. The center from the left fell from Koubek to Trus and he fired the ball under the crossbar from the small area. The Slovak offensive all-rounder scored his first goal in the Czech league.

Liberec took the lead back in just five minutes. He ended the exemplary break after passing substitute Ghali into the open goal of Tupta. The North Bohemians then had several more chances, Lexa even brushed his attempt against the crossbar. However, Slovan did not provide insurance and was penalized in the 78th minute. After Ryneš’s cross, Kubala made his mark with a header and with his seventh hit in the league, he equaled the team’s best scorer Vašulín.

In the next three minutes, the guests even turned the situation around. Kubala extended it to Trusa, who took the pass on the offside line and finished the escape accurately. The home team could have equalized, but substitute Rabušice was caught by goalkeeper Vízek. Votroci won in the league in Liberec for the first time since 1994. Slovan suffered a defeat at the end of the season after the previous two big victories 4:0.

Football Fortuna League – Group Final for Placement, Rematch:
Slovan Liberec – FC Hradec Kralove 2:3 (1:0)
Goals: 22. Doumbia, 57. Tupta – 52. and 81. Trusa, 78. Kubala. Referee: Kotala – Antoníček, Mikeska – Křepský (video). ŽK: Pole – Bohemia, Ryneš, Rada. Spectators: 1758. First match: 4:0.
Liberec: Bačkovský – Plechatý, Prebsl, Purzitidis – Polyák (46. Ghali), Doumbia (55. Varfolomejev), Červ, Mikula – Frýdek (46. Lexa), Tupta (65. Kozák) – Olatunji (81. Rabušic). Trainer: Kozel.
Hradec: Vízek – Gabriel, Kodeš, Čech (63rd Rada), Ryneš – Kučera, Smrž – Koubek (77th Hlaváč), Kubala, Trusa (89th Baloun) – Vašulín. Coach: Heykal.

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