King Felipe celebrates his love for the sport in his home crowd with the European Basketball Champions

King Felipe celebrated his love for the sport when he welcomed the local Spanish men’s basketball team to their victory in the European Championship.

On Monday, May 29, His Majesty opened the doors of the Palacio de la Zarzuela to the entire team, which included not only the players and the coach, but also all the senior managers.

The king took large family photos with the trophy and a T-shirt with his name on it, a gift from the winning team.

But there was another, much more unofficial photo: a selfie taken by some of the players in the center of the room, rather than in the stands that the Royal Palace uses for large crowd photos to ensure everyone is visible.

A smiling King appears in the center of the semicircle in the selfie, which team captain and combined shooting guard Sergio Lule Melia appears to have been taken with a black iPhone.

King Felipe was also photographed listening intently to the few words spoken by team president Florentino Pérez, who delivered a short congratulatory speech.

Real Madrid basketball won its eleventh Euroleague title this Sunday, May 21, after a strong game that ended with a 79-78 victory for the Spanish team against the Greek Olympiacos.

Real Madrid (not to be confused with the symmetrical soccer team) isn’t the only Spanish team in the league, with Barcelona and Valencia also earning a place; However, the capital team can boast of holding the record for the most titles won.

King Felipe has long shown his passion for sports of all kinds: from football (soccer, for our American readers) to badminton, and now basketball, His Majesty seems to always keep an eye on the sports performance of the teams and Spanish players, often tweeting congratulations on their successes.

In 1996, when Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games, then-Prince Philippe competed in sailing and was his country’s flag-bearer during the opening ceremony.

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