Kheira Hamraoui destroys the club by announcing his departure!

Kheira Hamraoui, the PSG player, has settled her accounts violently by announcing her departure!

This is called settling accounts… Kheira Hamraoui, the PSG player, is coming to the end of her contract at the end of the season and has just officially confirmed that she will not continue the Parisian adventure.

But Hamraoui did not do it just any way, dropping strong words about his “painful” adventure in a club “did everything to make (her) go”. An announcement that is sure to make some noise…

Message from Kheira Hamraoui

This page, which has been the most painful of my entire career, is turning today.
Despite two years of infernal storm in a club that neglected me and did everything to make me leave, I was able to cope with this pressure on a daily basis.
I made a promise to honor my contract until the end and it’s done with PRIDE and COURAGE.
Today, I leave with my head held high.
I gave it my all and fought with all my might on the pitch and for this club.
I fell so many times but got back up every time.
I would like to thank the people at the club who have been kind to me during these two years, as well as my coaches who, despite the pressures inside and outside the club, still made me play.
I think I was able to give them back their trust and support on the pitch.
There are still good people in this world of bullies.
Today, I leave this club not with sadness but with PRIDE!

2023-05-28 17:41:52
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