Kevin Garnett and Joakim Noah make amends 16 years later

The NBA is full of rivalries between players that last longer than one might imagine. The zone helps a lot to form these types of disputes on a personal level: having to deal with the same man over and over again, in attack and defense, makes the chances of sparks increase with each possession.

One of these was starring Kevin Garnett and Joakim Noah. The start of it dates back to 2007, during Noah’s rookie year. Noah approached Garnett to tell him that he was his idol, to which KG responded with a brief but very clear “fuck you”.

This incident marked Noah’s career and was perhaps to blame for the Frenchman’s good career in the NBA, being part of Derrick Rose’s magical Bulls and becoming an All-Star twice and Best Defender in the NBA once.

Sixteen years later, Kevin Garnett took advantage of the Frenchman’s visit to his podcast to apologize, thus both burying the hatchet.

“I was trying to destroy your spirit,” Garnett said. “But never in another stratosphere would I have thought you were a fan of mine. So I come here today and say, I apologize for killing that light, my brother.”

Joakim Noah accepted Garnett’s apology and said he understood where it was coming from. “I am also a competitor,” Noah said. “I know what it’s like to want to win at all costs.”

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