Judo – Wimpassinger offspring wins bronze four times

Last week, the youngsters of JC Wimpassing were in action at the strong international tournament in Zeltweg with 721 starters from 13 nations. The tournament is one of the few opportunities for youngsters to experience international fights. At the end of the day, Wimpassing was able to celebrate four bronze medals and a lot of fighting experience.

The first successful fighter was Sophia Frey (-32 kg, U12). In the heavily occupied weight class with 14 starters, she was able to confidently decide the first two fights for herself.

She narrowly missed making it into the finals due to a defeat, but ended up taking the podium. Gor Hakobjan (-30kg, U12) provided the second bronze medal. In his weight class, 15 participants fought for the day’s victory. With only one defeat in the tournament, he also took third place. In the U14, Conner Parker was also able to secure the bronze medal with a strong fight win.

Askil Brunner won the last medal in the U16 age group (-55kg). He was also able to show his strength in Zeltweg and ended up on a strong third place after his fights. The JC Wimpassing can celebrate four podium places.

Sophia Frey (left) and Gor Hakobjan (right) each secured the bronze medal in the U12 competition. Photo: zVg/JC Wimpassing

zVgJC Wimpassing


Askil Brunner (left) also took third place in the U16 and thus the bronze medal. Photo: zVg/JC Wimpassing

zVgJC Wimpassing

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