Judge issues first sentence for real estate corruption case in Benito Juárez – El Sol de México

Nicias Rene “N” is the first sentenced to three years in prison for his participation in the corruption network in the real estate sector in the Benito Juárez mayor’s officeafter he accepted his criminal responsibility in the commission of the crime of illicit enrichmentreported Ulises, Lara López, spokesperson for the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office.

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A judge also imposed on the subject the payment of a fine, who also They insured five properties in the Coyoacán, Álvaro Obregón and Benito Juárez demarcations, in which he held the position of General Director of Works and Urban Development from 2006 to 2018.

The former official of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office agreed to submit to the abbreviated procedure, which gives the defendant the opportunity to accept his responsibility and thereby avoid a longer trial.

The spokesperson for the institution stated that Nicias Rene “N” began the process of social reintegration by accepting that he committed illicit enrichment and for this reason he could serve a sentence less than the three years to which a judge sentenced him.

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The former general director of Works and Urban Development of that demarcation He has other investigative folders pending to vent, so this is the first crime for which he receives a sentence.

2023-05-31 00:11:04
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