Jérôme Rothen announces the departure of Mbappé from PSG… in 2024

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“I have a contract, next year I will be there and I will be very happy.” During the UNFP Trophies this weekend, Kylian Mbappé put an end to rumors of a possible departure from PSG even before the start of the transfer window. But his contract ends in a year and in the current circumstances, he should not activate the extension of a season signed last year. The soap opera has only just begun, especially since according to Jérôme Rothen, close to the striker’s clan, there is little doubt. Mbappé will no longer be Parisian after 2024… “It’s time for it to end. His speech seems clear, sure of him on his career planhe assures RMC this Tuesday evening. He’s a genius that way. It has also been surprising in the past. Two years ago it didn’t smell good and yet he extended for two years plus an optional year. PSG have succeeded once. Will they succeed a second time? I can not believe it.”

For the consultant and former player of the capital club, Mbappé is thinking about what to do to finally raise his arms in the Champions League. “Given his temperament, he is already preparing for an exceptional next year at PSG in the Champions League and whatever happens, he will leave at the end of the year. (…) I changed my mind a bit because he was very careful about the project that was sold to him, but this project didn’t really exist this year. It was possibly the worst year under QSI. It is not forgotten and he is no longer a young player. He too wants to win the most beautiful of competitions and if it’s not with PSG it will be with another club. This is my feeling. » These are statements that will not reassure PSG supporters.

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