How to choose the best betting bonus

Orienting yourself in choosing the best betting bonus can sometimes be a complicated operation, given the large number of offers on the market and the different requirements to be met. At first glance, some betting sites appear more complete than others but looking at the promotions sector, they may not be as convenient. To this end, it is necessary to consider two aspects, often underestimated: the style of each player and the budget available. There is in fact a difference between someone who plays occasionally and a regular bettor, with different objectives also based on the respective betting bankroll. Once it is clear what type of player you are, we move on to examining other indispensable factors. Let’s find out what they are.

Minimum deposit welcome bonus

An important element to observe when choosing the welcome bonus is the minimum deposit amount. Generally it starts from €10 for most bookmakers. Some sites may provide lower amounts, going down to €5. For first-time players looking to try out a new platform, it is crucial to check the minimum amount required to avail the offer. Generally, however, the more experienced do not pay much attention to this element, as they are already willing to pay more from the start.

Rollover bonus scommesse

Usually a good betting bonus has a rollover value of no more than 8x. Choosing operators that offer promotions on sports with higher limits makes it difficult for the user to unlock the requirements. Some renowned sites, on the other hand, keep them much lower and therefore convenient, such as the betting bonuses on Betnero sport, for which a real bonus of up to €10 is awarded with a 1x wagering requirement (minimum 3 events with a minimum odds of 1.80). It is clear that enjoying such a low rollover means having an advantage and making it easier to withdraw your winnings.

Welcome bonus expires

All betting bonuses have an expiry date by which to spend the credit received. Always prefer offers with more time available, as you will have more days to unlock the gift received. Timing too tight, make bonuses practically unusable. That’s why prefer promotions with a deadline of at least 10 days.

Minimum fee

In choosing the betting bonus, we have anticipated that it is also important to identify the minimum amount required. Just read the conditions of the offer to find out how much it is. Generally, bookmakers require a minimum odd starting from 1.25, a value that differs according to the type of promotion.

Final conclusions

When choosing the betting bonus, it is advisable to focus on promotions with low rollovers, synonymous with a game volume that is easier to satisfy and quicker winnings to withdraw. It is also important to evaluate which sports initiatives are most frequent in order to register on the portal that best suits your style of play.

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