Hebraica and Macabi won the first final of the Uruguayan League against Nacional

Hebraica and Macabi won the first final of the Uruguayan League against Nacional

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Hebraica y Macabi beat Nacional 82-75 in the first final of the Uruguayan Basketball League at the Peñarol Palace, the same venue that will host the second and third games of the best-of-seven series on Friday and next Monday, respectively. As of the fourth, scheduled for Wednesday the 17th, it will be played at the Antel Arena

The two showed their cards in an even first boy and income of no more than four points. Patricio Prieto, surprising starter in tricolor rows, contributed eight goals in those 10 minutes and defended against Luciano Parodi, who dosed minutes at the start after a strain that prevented him from playing the last game against Malvín.

Despite not mastering the defensive rebound, those led by Leonardo Zylbersztein left with a minimum advantage of 18-17 at the first break with Brian García as the main offensive protagonist, Frank Hassell carrying the paint and a goal scored among the five starters.

Hassell was loaded with fouls at the start of the second period, when the Bag passed, and Hebraica dropped the centimeters. Although he continued to suffer the rebounds in his own basket, he neutralized the rival with a zone defense and had a good income from Federico Haller, who with seven points in a row led a 10-0 run to open a lead of 10 (37- 27) two minutes from halftime, which ended 39-32.

Second half: the Bag reacted and Hassell left in an ambulance, but Parodi liquidated him

With triples by Alejandro Acosta and Jaylen Johnson, and driven by Frazier’s scoring, Nacional got within three shortly after the third boy started, but with the class of Parodi, Macabi kept the lead until the game was stopped for 18 minutes due to the Hassell’s injury with 54 seconds left before the last break.

The Macabeo center’s forehead sank in due to a blow from Miguel Barriola and they took him with an orthopedic neck in an ambulance that arrived at the Peñarol Palace 15 minutes after the play. He will not be able to play in the remainder of the series and his team must already think of a substitute for what is to come.

When Hebraica was stunned by the loss of his strongest man in the paint, he took off on the scoresheet after going on the bottom guy 57-53. Three triples by Parodi, added to a steal and assist for a layup by Brian García, allowed him to open the maximum lead of 12 (68-56) at 7’37” from the epilogue.

Nacional discounted from the obvious advantage that Johnson had in the internal game. With that letter and two triples from Barriola, the disadvantage was reduced by the tricolor team, which with a layup from Acosta got to a double (74-72) with 45 seconds left.

When the ball weighed more, Parodi responded with a triple over Gary Mcghee’s contested mark with 22 seconds remaining to put the score at 77-72. Then the sanducero recovered the ball and settled the Hebraica dispute with the Panamanian Ernesto Oglivie from the free throw line, after a header from Barriola on Manuel Romero that heated up the spirits at the end. The fraybentino was disqualified for two unsportsmanlike fouls.


By rooms: 18-17, 39-32, 57-53
Judges: Alejandro Sánchez Varela, Vivian García, Martín Rial

HEBREW and MACCABI: Luciano Parodi 33, Brian García 16, Adonys Henríquez 9, Ernesto Oglivie 6 and Frank Hassell 2 (starters); Federico Haller 9, Manuel Romero 6, Juan Ducasse 1 and Lautaro Viatri 0. Coach: Leonardo Zylbersztein.

NATIONAL: Alexander Acosta 10, Patrick Prieto 8, Branden Frazier 13, Jaylen Johnson 19 and Gary Mcghee 7 (starters); Miguel Barriola 9, Federico Pereiras 5, Sebastian Izaguirre 4 and Juan Galletto 0. Coach: Alvaro Ponce.


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