Harry Potter, Covid-19, Ruud… what you need to know about Seyboth Wild, Medvedev’s surprising heartthrob


Coming from the qualifications, the Brazilian created the first big sensation of Roland-Garros. Discovery.

Laureate of the US Open junior 2018

His mother wanted him to give up tennis for a career in medicine. But the Brazilian decided otherwise and preferred to try his luck with the pros. As a junior, he won the 2018 US Open, becoming the first player from his country to win the boys’ singles title in New York. He won his first title on the ATP Challenger circuit last November in Guayaquil. Seyboth Wild then rose to prominence in 2019 on the secondary circuit, signing his first four victories in the Top 100 and posting a record of 13 wins and 2 losses. He had more trouble afterwards.

First Grand Slam victory

And for his first in a Major, he knocks down the world number two. For the time being, he had only played a first round for a defeat against Dan Evans in the first round of the US Open 2020. He therefore offers himself a significant first. “I watched Daniil for a large part of my career. I always dreamed of playing against this type of player, on this type of court. My dream became reality”, savored the Brazilian hot.

He beat Casper Ruud in a final

By winning the ATP 250 in Santiago in March 2020, Seyboth Wild became the youngest Brazilian to win a title and the first male player born in 2000 to do so. And dominated a box specialist Casper Ruud for his first career final.

First player victim of Covid-19

In March 2020, the Brazilian was the first player on the circuit to test positive for covid-19. He suffered from the epidemic as he lost four matches in the first round to end his covid-disrupted 2020.

He’s a huge Harry Potter fan.

So much so that he has several Harry Potter-inspired tattoos, including the Golden Snitch, the most important ball in a Quidditch match, Hermione’s eyes, the Forbidden Forest, and Hedwig’s head.



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