Guti’s ‘painting’ at El Chiringuito

Guti’s ‘painting’ at El Chiringuito

Jose Maria Gutierrez’littlethe legendary player of Real Madridhas returned to give the note in a well-known television program after the humiliation of the Real Madrid in Champions Leaguesurpassed by the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola (4-0) and with a failed approach in the Etihad Stadium.

In half an hour of play, the City of Guardiola owned the ball with 76% possession, 237 passes completed and the Real Madrid only 45. Solo Thibaut Courtois avoided a debacle in the opening minutes with his saving saves to Erling Haaland. The Madrid team did not respond to the high pressure of Guardiola which caused continuous losses. Forced to play long. With less speed than the rival and less aggressiveness. Without the intensity that such a great duel demanded.

And it all happened the day that Charles Ancelotti celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their 50th party in Champions League with the Real Madrid and became the coach with the most matches managed in the most prestigious competition, 191, surpassing Sir Alex Ferguson, the Italian coach suffered one of his toughest defeats, surpassed by the Manchester City.

The painting of ‘Guti’

The picture of little in ‘El Chiringuito’ it is beyond any description (unfortunately). The soccer player, visibly affected by the defeat of his team, started with the cameras pointing at him. The former Real Madrid player started ‘El Chiringuito’ with several minutes only silence, showing their desolation and sadness. The now tertulian, with tears in his eyes and dejected, did not utter a word for 2 minutes and 39 seconds in silence just to give the note in ‘El Chiringuito’.

For his part, little He was very critical of the team’s image. “I have never seen the Real Madrid. What was the game plan? It was known that the Madrid I wasn’t going to have the ball and that was the mistake… Trying to go one on one against City… There were streaks in the game where the Madrid He pressed up, but not in an organized way and that misleads the player. He Manchester City he made everything perfect and he Real Madrid he did not know how to bring out his virtues. Against other teams, Madrid can win in possession, but City cannot. The team was really bad, saving Courtois. This is everyone’s thing… it’s not just Ancelotti’s thing.”

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