Griezmann secures the podium for Atlético de Madrid and qualification for the Super Cup

At minute 37, Antoine Griezmann a goal was invented out of nowhere to seal third place and qualify for the Spanish Super Cupsentenced with another assist of his for Nahuel Molina’s 2-0 win in 1973 against Real Sociedad, who finally suffered their sweetest defeat 2-1, qualified for the prized Champions League a decade later, already unattainable in the Fourth position in LaLiga for Villarreal, due to the setback of the Castellón team against Rayo in Vallecas.

are already nine consecutive victories in the Metropolitan of the Atlético, a mark that dates back to December 2013. Then corresponds to the last time that Real Sociedad played a match in the highest European competition. The two will be in it the next edition. It is an obligation of the rojiblanco team and Diego Simeone. It is a success for the San Sebastian team and its coach, Imanol Alguacil, defeated in the League seven days later.

For Atlético, for Griezmann and for Simeone. Because there have not been such coaching games in recent times in Santander League like the duels between Atlético and the Real society. Each crash opens a new scenario for innovation. Any detail takes on a tremendous dimension. Any tactical distortion factor for the adversary is an opportunity… Or a setback.

Everything part predesigned from the blackboard. every move. every exit. Every attack. But not everything is in his hand. Not under control. It’s football. And it is Antoine Griezmann. He dynamited the never-ending sequence of precautions, of mechanized moves, like pieces on a giant green chess board or whatever game of strategy he voiced the nondescript first half hour, even beyond. The French international was the difference. Decisive.

It is recurring in this Atlético, which has reached the current flight, the goal of the Champions League, the third position or the pass to the Spanish Super Cup, while still insisting on a second place in the derby that he maintains in the absence of a day (to one point) with Real Madrid, largely because he has an indisputable footballer: Griezmann, scorer 15 times in this League, promoter of another 14 as an assistant and groundbreaking this Sunday of the clash.

In the exchange of aerial clearances without destination in the middle of the field, the ball fell to De Paul, who launched a ball into Griezmann’s career. The raid did not seem like anything special. Neither for Atlético nor for the defense of Real Sociedad nor for Aihen Muñoz.

He lowered it heeled on the left wing. One, two, three, four… up to eight short touches, with the ball glued to the foot, gave the ‘8’ in his driving as he advanced with the unavoidable objective of shaping up towards the corner of the area, towards a center that first became a shot, when Saúl did not finish it off, and at the same time an irresolvable hieroglyph for Remiro, when the ball continued its direction to the other post, to the goal, to 1-0. Minute 37.

Already then it was Atlético who proposed the most, the team that played the most in the opposite field or insisted on something more than the tense wait for the failure of others. He had hardly created chances. Neither had Real Sociedad, whose staging at the Metropolitano was disappointing compared to other visits to that stadium. Except for a shot from Sorloth and a shot from Oyarzabal, very high, it did not arrive in the entire first act.

The goal unleashed the match. The second part, even more. There was no other choice for Real Sociedad, that between defeat and nothing there was no difference for the San Sebastian team. Even the Champions League was a fact without points, because Villarreal, the only one that could deprive him of fourth place, tied first and then lost in Vallecas. Sorloth appeared immediately in the area after the restart, covered by Witsel, attentive and accurate in defence.

An apparition. Nothing else. A sign of offensive life for Real. Very little even for a team of his ambition, which had won five of its last seven games, of which it had not lost any, but which was a ghost in an hour of play at the Metropolitano. An unknown and unrecognizable team. Perhaps Atlético’s merit, perhaps its own demerit, the San Sebastian team was insubstantial until then. No nuances.

He still held out in the game because Reguilón’s shot caught him moments later by Remiro, who opposed the next action to another individual play by Griezmann, who left with all the ease in the world, as if it were so simple, when it is so complex , from Le Normand, the next Spanish international, to finish without an angle, but also to warn Real Sociedad of all its resources, that at the minimum it can create something.

The visiting team reacted. Barrene’s shot that Grbic repelled, already in the 66th minute, the first save of the entire match by the Croatian goalkeeper, Jan Oblak’s substitute, warned Atlético, woke up Real, getting closer and closer to the Champions League, that already caressed with the 2-0 of Rayo to Villarreal (it ended 2-1).

Not even the defeat, wider with the 2-0 in the 73rd minute of Nahuel Molina in a combination with Griezmann and Correa, He already separated Real Sociedad from fourth position, straight to the Champions Leaguewith time even to score 2-1, through Sorloth, and keep Atlético on edge until the end.

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