Great judo The Darfo arena is full

There were 400 athletes representing around forty clubs from all over Lombardy at the debut round of the regional judo championship hosted by Darfo Boario: an event organized by Ryu Judo of Malegno in collaboration with the Camuno committee of the CSI and with the patronage of the Common. In the palasport the titles have been assigned to the categories of pre-agonists, while for the agonists there is still the test scheduled in Ciserano for the conquest of the regional laurel of the Csi. The results for the Camuni? To climb the top step of the podium were Gioele Taboni (up to 28 kilos) and in the rookies (less than 55) Andrea Bernardi. Then the third place of Roberto Salvetti and the fifth of Matteo Camossi. Silver medal for Maria Bernardi (minus 32) and in the boys under 36 that of Iotu Florin, with his brother Sebastian fifth. In the boys category minus 55 bronze for Gabriel Donina and fourth place for Mirko Bettoni. Then another third in the cadets minus 73 thanks to Niccolò Pandocchi and finally the fifth of Simone Fiorini among the boys minus 32. The next appointment with the regional judo of the CSI is for Sunday in Ciserano (Bergamo), while the two regional tests are valid for qualification for the national championship, scheduled for November.•. G.Gan.

2023-05-31 10:02:35
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