Gooik clubs well represented at the world games

The Gooik sports clubs KV Kester-Gooik and Smashing Pluimkes are particularly proud to be able to send three athletes and a unified partner to the world games in Berlin.

The Special Olympics World Games, which take place every four years, will be held in Berlin (Germany) this year. All 190 participating countries, 7,000 athletes, 20,000 volunteers and thousands of spectators are welcomed at 8 sports sites in Berlin.

The Belgian delegation, which consists of 32 coaches, 5 staff members, 77 athletes and their 11 unified partners in 16 sports, will leave for Cologne on June 12, where they will stay for 4 days in a Host Town program. The delegation will later travel to Berlin for the effective start of the Games.

From Sunday 18 June, the first divisioning competitions will start there to test in which categories our athletes will participate. The Games will officially open on June 17 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and it promises to be a great spectacle. During the ceremony, the Flame of Hope is traditionally lit, which first passes through Germany during the Torch Run. The delegation will return to Brussels on 25 June where they will be warmly welcomed.

The Gooik clubs KV Kester-Gooik and Smashing Pluimes are quite proud of the fact that they can send 3 athletes and a unified partner to Berlin in 2 sports, football and badminton. It’s about:

(Photo below: unfortunately Davina was ill and is not included in the group photo)

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