Giulia Tramontano, who disappeared from Senago, had discovered her boyfriend’s betrayal. “The other one was also pregnant”

Not the shadow of another woman but a certainty. Rumors chasing each other, village chatter — a Sant’Antimo in the Neapolitan area, his country of origin – which gradually find evidence in the investigations. Giulia Tramontano, the 29-year-old seventh month pregnant who disappeared between Saturday and Sunday from Senago, on the outskirts of Milanshe wasn’t the only woman in her partner’s life Alessandro Impagnatiello, 30 years old bartender in the most exclusive places in Milan, such as theArmani Cafe.

The discovery of the betrayal

He was in another relationship and she had discovered it on Saturday, a few hours before the disappearance. The girl had confided it to her sister, her mother and also to a friend of hers: «I’m upset, I go to sleep», the text of the last message in the chat. Then only silence with the cell phone without signal.

«Clarifying meeting»

The three would also have had a stormy «clarification meeting» with Giulia pregnant with a child and the other woman, also unaware of the parallel relationship, who discovers not only about the «betrayal» but also about the pregnancy. «She too had been pregnant but terminated the pregnancy» is the rumor that reached Campania.

The slaps

A family drama that explodes at the moment of Giulia’s disappearance: the parents go up to Lombardy, they face their partner, words and slaps fly. At that moment the family thinks that the 29-year-old has moved away due to the shock of that discovery. But as the hours go by they become convinced that it could not have been a voluntary escape. And the passing of time is not a good sign for investigators either.

The investigations

The carabinieri of Senago, Rho and the Milan investigative unit have been working non-stop since Sunday afternoon. Prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo opened a disappearance filewith no title to a crime or suspects, but which is quickly filling up with investigations, telephone records, seizure decrees for cameras, PCs and cell phones.

Helicopter searches

We are looking for Giulia with helicopters and the firefighters scan the swirling course of the Seveso river and the Villoresi canal. They are looking for a body, but also for traces of a possible murder. No lead is excluded, but we work as if we were faced with a feminicide. Nothing can be ruled out. The images of the Senago cameras frame the 29-year-old in the early evening of Saturday. Then nothing more. No signal from bank accounts or cell phone. Hours of anguish and terror.

The previous relationship

In the apartment in via Novella where the two fiancés lived together, there are also the boy’s parents and the mother with her new partner: «We just need to find Giulia again». Alessandro Impagnetiello already has a son from a previous relationship. She goes to first grade, relations with her ex partner are good. “A wonderful dad with his baby,” say the neighbors. After the “separation” (they weren’t married) she had continued to live, rented, in the apartment on the first floor. Few knew that Giulia had arrived in her life, real estate agent who recently worked in smart working: «I saw her on the balcony. But she didn’t frequent Senago », the few words of the neighbors. Instead, they recall Alessandro with the “little scooter” with which he went back and forth from work, even at night.

Inconsistencies in the story

Lately he had a white T-Roc SUV. The carabinieri listened for a long time to the 30-year-old who filed a missing persons report on Sunday. It seems that inconsistencies have arisenperhaps related to his emotional state after the collapse of his relationship. It is not under investigation. However, the holes in his story are many and could have far more serious consequences than village gossip.

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