Galtier – PSG: He announces his departure to another club!

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Galtier – PSG: He announces his departure to another club!

Published on May 31, 2023 at 02:30

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Announced with insistence on the departure at the end of the season, Christophe Galtier lived a very complicated season at different levels on the PSG bench. For his part, Jérôme Rothen believes that we must consider the future without the French technician, who will have no trouble finding a job elsewhere if he were to be sacked.

What to expect for the future of Christophe Galtier on the bench of PSG ? As revealed to you, and except for an incredible twist, the French coach should remain in post next season. A trend that he himself confirmed last Friday at a press conference: “ I am in permanent contact with Luis (Campos), we communicate by telephone. I see my president very often. We haven’t talked about next season (…) We are working on next season. Fortunately ! What will happen at the end of the season, you don’t know. “, has indicated Galtier. But some observers are calling more than ever for his departure from the PSG.

Rothen charge Galtier

On the waves of RMC Sport, Jerome Rothen took charge of the balance sheet Christophe Galtier and believes that the PSG would make a mistake by keeping it: Yes, he is champion. But isn’t that commonplace today in the eyes of everyone at PSG? There is no standard team. There is no style. He tested a lot of things. But when you test so much, it’s because you’re losing control, and it showed in the game. Since December and the first defeat in Lens, there have been 9 defeats in the last 27 games, that is one loss every three games. It is not possible. His team does not exude confidence, even him in his choices, he has always protected the statutes. Of all the victories obtained, only the one like OM (3-0) is mastered “, indicates the former emblematic left winger of the PSG.

“He will bounce elsewhere”

Rothen goes on to explain that Galtier could easily find a club after the PSG : « You missed your year at all levels. You don’t deserve to stay at PSG, you had your chance. But they’re going to write him a check, he won’t be unhappy. He will bounce somewhere else and he deserves it “. The message got through…

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