Gaël Monfils and Elina Svitolina parents: rare secrets about their daughter with a very original first name at Roland-Garros

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It’s a real resurrection that Gaël Monfils experienced for his return to Roland-Garros. Ten months since the Frenchman had not managed to beat a single opponent on the professional circuit, not helped by the many injuries. For his first round in the Parisian Grand Slam, the 36-year-old player had the honors of the famous “night session”, which allows spectators to stay until the end of the night. Opposed to a tough Argentine opponent, the latter fought a Homeric battle, winning after 5 sets and just under 4 hours of play. A crazy match where the Frenchman was down 4-0 in the 5th set, which he ended up winning.

Back down to 394th place, Gaël Monfils managed a small feat for his entry into the running and he once again showed all his love for the Parisian tournament. A semi-finalist in the past, the champion is lucky to see his wife, Elina Svitolina, also make a good start to the Grand Slam. Also falling back into the bottom of the WTA rankings, the 28-year-old Ukrainian won easily for her first match. A great feat also since she gave birth on October 15, 2022 to a little girl. A first child for the couple, who got married in July 2021 and saw their life change with the arrival of their daughter, named Skai.

Maybe one day you will see her playing tennis here. It would be fun for her

After her victory on May 29, the sportswoman addressed the Parisian public and she also had a few words about her private life. “Our baby is half French and half Ukrainian”she said, before continuing: “Maybe one day you will see her playing tennis here. It would be fun for her.” With such talented parents, there is indeed a good chance that the little Skai will be endowed with great abilities. It remains to be seen whether the young girl will play for France or Ukraine!

Both victorious for their entry into the running at Roland-Garros, Gaël Monfils and Elina Svitolina will be able to enjoy their little girl, even if the Ukrainian is expected on the court this Wednesday!

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad

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