From the 67 million of Kroos, Modric and Casemiro to the 210 of Camavinga, Tchouameni and Bellingham

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric shaped an unrepeatable midfield, the one that has allowed the Real Madrid dominate Europe, as certified by the cinco Champions League achieved with them present on the pitch, in addition to many other titles. The Madrid managers and coaches have been trying to give continuity to an unrepeatable combination for some time and that in recent years of coexistence had the Help from Valverde especially, plus that of Ceballos as a pure midfielder.

That search for a new midfield began first with the arrival of Camavinga, followed by that of Tchouameni and it will be closed at the moment in which Bellingham announce his arrival at the Madrid entity, something that could happen next week. The three are part of that new football that combines power with technique, so fashionable at the moment.

Ancelotti and the transition of the youngsters: “It started long before I arrived”

The result of the mix will not be known until after a while, but the truth is that Real Madrid has achieved, thanks to his way of proceeding more than for money, three of the most sought-after midfielders. Modric and Kroos will be with them for at least one more season in order to achieve that much-needed balance between quality, strength and wearing the Real Madrid shirt.

Those were different times, not too far away, but the arrival of Casemiro meant a disbursement of seven million euros for Real Madrid in 2013, but the curious thing is that it was Jose Mourinho, After the management made by Ramón Martínez, he was the one who gave life to the Brazilian when he planned to return to Sao Paulo and all thanks to a title against Betis, days before the loan ended. last summer was transferred to Manchester United in exchange for 70 million euros.

A year earlier, Luka Modric appeared for Real Madrid and also at Mourinho’s express request. He cost 35 million euros and there he continues, demonstrating a competitive level beyond any doubt. Toni Kroos arrived as world champion in the summer of 2014 and he did it in exchange for 25 million euros from Bayern. In other words, the three cost 67 million, amortized in five Champions Leagues, Leagues, Spanish and European Super Cups, Club World Cups… and with the 70 million euros that United paid for the Brazilian last summer. The balance is positive in three million euros. Impeccable management.

Ancelotti: “Here there are many untouchables and you have to choose eleven. Kroos and Modric are two of them”

Intended by all

The cost of rebuilding the midfield, once the signing of Bellingham is sealed, will go to 210 million euros. Camavinga can enter the market opportunity category because its price is barely reached 30 million euros (value that has been multiplied now), por 80 de Tchouameni en junio de 2022plus the 100 million fixed in which the arrival of English will start.

Bellingham shines with a double in the ‘set’ from Dortmund to Wolfsburg

The results will tell if the price paid for this new midfield has been worth it, but there is no doubt that the three incorporations are footballers wanted by all and that they have preferred to wear the Real Madrid shirt to any other.

The wisdom of Ancelotti, plus Kroos and Modric From his leadership, plus the presence of Valverde will give that touch of Real Madrid experience, something that Camavinga is already acquiring, but not Tchouameni. Football changes and the future of the Real Madrid midfield, too.

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