Final point to the X Edition of Liga Educa

Jose Antonio Jimenez

Jose Antonio Jimenez

Everything in this life has a beginning and a final Yet the Liga Educa (la Education Football League) It is also his turn to put the culmination of its tenth edition. As successful as the previous nine.

A final point on May 19 and 20, with six venues:

San Roque: Prebenjamín, Cadete and Infaltil F11

Santiponce: Minis.

New Seville: Benjamin 2.

Villanueva: Benjamin 1.

Coria: I raised

The palaces: Children F7 and Women.

Venues that will close on May 18 and 20 an edition not to forget. In which the Educa League has emphasized values ​​that cannot be forgotten Two days in which the teams will play completely friendly matches, in which only fun and a good atmosphere will prevail (everyone will be given a present in memory of their participation in this end of party).

189 teams will participate in a one hundred percent festive finale, for whom this drop in temperatures has come in handy to avoid taking measures so that the heat does not become an uncomfortable guest. Undoubtedly, the best epilogue for the prologue of the eleventh edition.

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