“Festa dello sport” in Gissi: «Healthy competition in the name of fairplay»

Students engaged in sports competitions yesterday in Gissi at the end of the Sports party celebrated yesterday morning. All the pupils of the lower secondary school of Gissi, Furci and San Buono dell’Comprehensive Institute “G. Spataro”participated in the outdoor competitions of Athletics (sprint run, vortex throw, HS run, jump rope and the long-awaited relay between the classes) in the sports facility of the Ite di Gissi and at the very final Of badminton.

«A pleasant morning of sports celebrations dedicated to fun, sustainability, fair play, the fight against racism (say NO to racism), of friendship and inclusion – comment from the school – Pupils and teachers have committed themselves and have been able to compete in a spirit of collaboration and healthy competition in the presence of a warm audience and the attentive participation of the school manager Aida Marrone. Heartfelt thanks to the manager who always allows the realization of such significant events for the pupils and for the territory and to the physical education teacher who with passion and perseverance has prepared and motivated the young athletes to compete. So many emotions that allow you to learn, grow and improve in your relationship with others while respecting the common good and the environment».

2023-05-28 14:56:09
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