Fernando Alonso will continue in the opposition – Tear it off, for God’s sake!

In these hours in which everything is analyzed in an electoral key, we could say that Fernando Alonso brushed victory but the party, his team, did not know how to close the campaign. And when I say this, I mean that at the moment when you had to take a risk, at the moment when the rain was pressing hardest on Monaco, Aston Martin had to opt for another compound to catch up and surprise Max Verstappen. Thus, Fernando had to enter the box twice to change from medium to intermediate, losing time that would have been enough to pass the Dutchman and then endure with clenched teeth.

In any case, the race, practically, it was decided on Saturday in qualifying. The same thing always happens in Monaco. Sunday is more of a formality, a fast-forward ride through the streets of the principality, a static race in which the fans only wait for an accident to play with the safety car strategy, or the rain that gives movement and tension. to changes and driving on unstable and permeable asphalt. Of the pilots alone it is hoped that they do not make mistakes on the track and to the mechanics who change the tires without error and quickly, in the only stop that is usually made on this track.

He Checo Pérez accident on Saturday and Alonso’s extraordinary return in qualifying have allowed the two-time champion to achieve the best result of the season, reaching the second step of the podium, which until now only Reb Bull seemed to be able to take. Alonso knew that Monaco was one of the assets to beat the bull team, but it was not enough. Verstappen follows in champion mode, without making mistakes and with the grace and luck of number one.

But there is a desire to fight, to revenge. In fact, Fernando Alonso has garnered more fan votes than the defending champion this Sunday. In other words, if the F1 podium, as in politics, was decided by the spectators and fans, the podium this Sunday would have been another. But it’s not about what we like, but who arrives first, who has the best car, the most reliable, the fastest and the most noble to drive; and in that, at the moment Red Bull has a long distance from its adversaries. And despite the fact that in Montmeló, in the Spanish GP, new parts are expected, improvements in the single-seaters I don’t think they will be enough to shorten the distance.

Despite everything, I have no doubt that Alonso will continue to lurk, patiently waiting for his moment as an old fox. He’s been waiting a long time, I don’t think it hurts to wait a little longer. At the moment the balance is positive, five podiums in six races and a car that allows you to dream.

2023-05-28 15:11:52
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