FC Bayern: Mud fight – Kahn’s brother puts up a lot against Bayern

Dhe Zoff between FC Bayern and Oliver Kahn’s camp continues. Axel Kahn, the brother of the dismissed CEO, gave out again in an interview with “Sky Sport News”.

“We always manage to destroy our icons in Germany: Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher and whatever their names are,” he said. After that he became clear: “Oliver was dragged through the mud for months, every decision was negatively attached to him. That was too much. The colleagues at Sky, the gentlemen Matthäus, Fjörtoft and so on: These are things that just don’t work like that. We need to have a little more respect overall.”

But Axel Kahn also dealt against Bayern. “I find it very, very disrespectful how the decision was made. Such a decision is not made overnight. Something like this has been ‘worked out’ for a very long time. We thought about how to replace Oliver Kahn early on,” he said. “Generations would collide. Oliver Kahn wanted to do things as he sees fit, Uli Hoeneß obviously didn’t. Alpha animals collide and then behave in the wrong way.”

Axel Kahn


The former Karlsruher SC player and operator of an advertising agency says things are “on a path that is not good. I’m not talking about me, but about FC Bayern Munich. Enough dirty laundry has been washed. I find the measures that have been taken, as decided, disrespectful.”

The 57-year-old Axel Kahn also gave insights into his brother’s emotional world. “He’s fine. But I haven’t had any contact with Oliver in the past one or two days. He deserves to recover now and let things settle down a bit,” he said. It’s also not about “getting into the ring now and initiating things. It’s about bringing in a bit of calm. Rest would also do FC Bayern good now.”

“It’s not my Bayern Munich anymore,” argues Sepp Maier

Shortly after the dismissal, the Kahn brother found clear words via social media. “Somebody definitely has a responsibility. Namely the one who brought Brazzo, Oliver and Herbert Hainer into this club and installed them. That was and is Uli Hoeneß! And the way that seems disrespectful, disgusting and cowardly is nothing new at Bayern Munich,” he wrote.

After the departure of Kahn and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, further personnel decisions could soon be made according to a report by “Kicker”. The focus is on Moritz Mattes, Chief of Staff, and Technical Director Marco Neppe. Mattes should have to go, as the “kicker” reported. The consultant was installed by Kahn and is internally controversial. The future of Neppe, squad planner and closest partner of Salihamidzic, is also open, it said.

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Meanwhile, Bayern legend Sepp Maier has also criticized his former club after Kahn’s split. “This is no longer my FC Bayern. The thing with Oli has a stale aftertaste. You just don’t do that, no matter what happened there,” said the 79-year-old “Sport1”. One should have said goodbye to Kahn and the sports director Salihamidzic, who was also released, “with dignity”: “The two didn’t deserve that. That was bad style. The two have done so much for FC Bayern, they are legends.” In football in particular, it is “become more and more inhuman. And that with Brazzo and Oli was inhuman.”

The separation of Kahn (53) and Salihamidzic (46) became public on Saturday shortly after winning the German championship. The timing of the recall was catastrophic. “I didn’t understand that and that’s not worthy of FC Bayern. If the men had done that a week later, that would have been fine with me,” said Maier, who worked at the club for a total of 50 years – after his long active career as a goalkeeper, including as Kahn’s goalkeeping coach.

Sepp Maier (right) last November with Bayern Munich's Honorary President Uli Hoeneß at a ceremony to mark the unveiling of a Gerd Müller statue

Sepp Maier (right) with Bayern Munich’s Honorary President Uli Hoeneß last November

Source: pa/dpa/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

Munich’s Honorary President Uli Hoeneß had described Kahn’s installation as a mistake in retrospect, Kahn had surrounded himself too much with his advisors, Hoeneß had told the “kicker”. Maier agrees. “Oli listened too much to his advisors. He didn’t need any advisers at all. He just did his thing,” said Maier.

As a keeper you are always a lone wolf and you are in your own world, as Kahn used to be. “It might be possible as a goalkeeper, but not when you’re in a managerial position at Bayern Munich. Then that’s an absurdity. You have to talk to the employees and listen to their opinion,” Maier said.

According to statements by club president Herbert Hainer, the separation from Kahn was “not amicable”. Nevertheless, Maier hopes that Kahn will return to Bayern. “Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked. I can’t imagine Oli at any other club, he doesn’t do that either,” said Maier.

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