Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta launched her candidacy for Buenos Aires head of government

The former National Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta presented her candidacy for Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires for the Frente de Todos (FdT) and vindicated the “policy that is carried out from empathy and humility”. Gómez Alcorta indicated that “one can think of a city that also helps a change in society” and that “we dream of a society that builds employment, with better hospitals and schools, with genuine jobs.”

The former minister emphasized that “we must think about the world we want to live in and think about the world for the next 50 and 60 years. It is necessary to think about that world and that at the same time it is one for the majority.

The presentation ceremony was held in the IFT space of this capital, where the general secretary of ATE Capital, Daniel “Tano” Catalano; the general secretary of AGTSyP (Metrodelegates), Roberto “Beto” Pianelli; the head of SIPREBA (Press), Agustín Lecchi; the president of the Neighborhood Council of the Los Piletones neighborhood, Mónica Ruejas, and Rafael Klejzer, both from the La Dignidad Popular Movement; Zaida Chmaruk of the Communist Party, and other union, student and political leaders of the “Movemos” group.

Gómez Alcorta indicated that his space seeks to fight for “a fairer world, where kids do not go hungry, with a better quality of life, with quality food, where we want to work fewer hours, with green spaces and with a care system of quality for childhood and old age and with a good transport system with subways without asbestos”.

He also criticized the candidacy for head of the capital’s government of the former mayor of Vicente López Jorge Macri. “In 16 years, the PRO has worsened the city’s standard of living, prioritizing the real estate business and the Macri family talks about fiefdoms in other provinces and now (the former president) installed his cousin as a candidate,” he said.

«We do not believe in the politics that speculates, from the television set, from those who tweet, from algorithms. We believe in a policy that is made from empathy and humility. Politics cannot be made from marketing because it is a policy that does not transform anything”, he added.

Before, on FutuRock radio, he had said “we believe that we could win the elections if we had someone who was capable of generating a synthesis in the FdT. If this is possible, a STEP in CABA would not be necessary. The candidates (Pedro) Rosemblat, (Leandro) Santoro and I represent different things.” Pepe (Rosemblat) is a Kirchnerist, Santoro is a radical, we are more of the left. I think that heterogeneity adds to us, not subtracts from us ».

And he added: “We want to formulate a bet so that the FdT can have the best candidate in all the districts. We want Axel (Kicillof) in the province of Buenos Aires and (Eduardo) “Wado” (from Pedro) in the national elections. For me, the candidate was undoubtedly Cristina, I say this because I have no problem understanding the text, “she pointed out ironically when referring to a phrase from the former president to rule out her application.

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