Eintracht Frankfurt: Oliver Glasner rages: “Stop this garbage!”

Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt

“Stop this garbage!” – Glasner rages at the press conference

Eintracht Frankfurt just can’t win in the Bundesliga anymore. In Hoffenheim, the Hessians make a questionable appearance. Coach Oliver Glasner first sees red and then loses his composure at the press conference.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s head coach Oliver Glasner gave an angry speech at the press conference after his club’s next defeat. The defeat in Sinsheim was the tenth Bundesliga game in a row without a win, and the cup finalists slipped out of the international ranks.

“Stop accusing the team of not getting it. Old Makoto Hasebe is 39 years old, playing 90 minutes for the third time this week. He has some blood in his urine,” said Glasner on Saturday after the clear 1: 3 (0: 3) at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, in which he saw the red card himself. Glasner had been asked whether his team hadn’t seen the chance after the defeats of Bayer Leverkusen and FSV Mainz 05.

“Stop me with this garbage! I know what the guys are doing here,” said the Austrian, who angrily rebuked the questioning journalist. His voice grew louder throughout the monologue. “This team is contesting the second final in the second year. Of course they got it,” Glasner called from the podium. When he was asked to answer another question immediately afterwards, whose idea the professional interview boycott was on Saturday, the Austrian answered quietly: “I was in the stands.”

Eintracht had previously refrained from making the professionals and sports director Markus Krösche available for interviews. A spokesman for the club explained the boycott as follows: You don’t want to repeat yourself every week.

During the game, the players and Glasner reacted angrily and, above all, quarreled with referee Harm Osmers. The internationals Kevin Trapp and Mario Götze saw the yellow card for complaining, Glasner even received the red card for gross unsportsmanlike behavior. Apparently the coach shot a second ball onto the field during the game. Possibly to intentionally stop the flow of the game.

Glasner is missing at least one game

Former Bundesliga referee Thorsten Kinhöfer told “Bild am Sonntag”: “Completely the right decision! This is gross unsportsmanlike behavior. That is not worthy of a coach and must be sanctioned.”

The Austrian had to watch the second half from the stands. The DFB court will now decide how long Glasner will not be on the sidelines. He will definitely miss next week’s home game against Mainz. This can be coped with because of the hopelessness in the table. And in the big final, Glasner should be back on the bench.

Only on Wednesday did the Hessians reach the cup final with a 3-2 win at VfB Stuttgart. The duel with RB Leipzig will take place on June 3rd in Berlin. There, Eintracht is not just about the next title, but also about qualifying for the European Cup.

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