Condom: the jubilee of the Archers of La Hire

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Like other local associations, the Condo company has just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with dignity.

It was bows in hand that the company gathered from early morning to open the debates with the traditional shooting of the King, on decorated birds which this year were sculpted by Anneliese. Rules recalled and salutes made, they attempted to hit the target. “Once is not custom, it is the bird of the Princes which succumbed to the arrow of Christian for the compound bows. Shortly after, Jules shoots the Pages bird for the second year. It took many arrows for Jean-Pierre to follow them by hitting the Dolphin bird. For the Roy, it would have been more complicated… We had to threaten to postpone the shooting so that Brice could hit the bird and thus deprive Guillaume of accessing the title of Emperor”, laughs Damien Laurier, the captain of the company.
Once empty-handed, the leaders received the archers, former archers, founding members, former captains, representative of the municipality, the department, the region as well as representatives of Gers clubs and friends in order to wet the rope for celebrate these 50 years together. They took the opportunity to draw and sign the souvenir cards decorated by Marie. “We then met in the Pierre de Montesquiou room lent by the municipality of Condom to continue with a meal. During this, the new dignitaries received their prizes as well as the scarves. Guillaume crowned Brice and gave him the arms of La Hire. We took the opportunity to raise Jean-Pierre, Alain, André, Bobby and Régine to the rank of Connétable in recognition of the services rendered to the company. Athletes also had their moment with the presentation of sports awards for their indoor season,” explains Damien Laurier.

Jean-Pierre Marquant, president of the association “In the footsteps of the valet de coeur” intervened to come back to the historical figure of Etienne de Vignoles who adorns the outfits of the archers from Condom. “We also did not forget to salute our deceased such as Abbé Gissot, General De Castelnau and his sons, Jean Dubos, Pierre Lazartigue, the former members of the office and archers. Everyone then left with an idea of ​​what was, what is and what wants to become the first bow company of Condom”.

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