Concern in the European space agency for this prediction of Nostradamus for 2023

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For those who haven’t heard of Nostradamus, is a French doctor and pharmacist born in the year 1503 who was also interested in the divinatory arts; if he was as good a doctor and apothecary as a fortune teller, he must have been very good at his profession, for some of his prophecies as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the world wars, or the Napoleonic wars have all come to pass.

It has also recently been discovered that he was able to prede the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II of England and that his son would rise to power quickly.

Not everything that Nostradamus wrote in his book of prophecies called “Astrological Centuries” is fulfilled, and it is also sometimes difficult to understand or interpret what comes from there, because uses cryptic language which is not currently used.

But there are two prophecies for 2023 that are understood and that could materialize in a very possible way. The first of them talks about “Seven months of the great war, people died for wickedness”and that it could be that due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, World War III will break out with a duration of seven months due to the type of high-powered weapons available to the most powerful nations today.

Add that “Ruan, Evreux, they will not fall before the King”so these two cities could be saved from destruction, but Paris would not suffer the same fate.

The Nostradamus’s second prophecy for 2023 has to do with Marsthe well-known red planet for which space stations such as NASA have shown great interest and where the ESA (European Spatial Agency) plans to send a ship with a rover to explore the planet.

This prophecy says there will be a “light glitch on mars”and although it could be anything, we can consider the possibility that we see a strange movement of this planet, or that the ESA ship explodes when it reaches the Red Planet.

What do you think of Nostradamus’s two most important prophecies for 2023? Do you think that any can be fulfilled, or are you skeptical about this topic?

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