Concarneau and Dunkirk promoted to Ligue 2, Nancy among the six relegated

The 34th and final day has delivered its verdict. Discover all the results and the ranking at the end of the 2022/2023 season.

Only one year after its descent, Dunkirk will return to Ligue 2, which Concarneau will discover for the first time in its history, after the results of the 34th and last day of National, Friday

Winner at Orléans 2-1, Concarneau was crowned National champion and finally won its place in Ligue 2 after having evolved for decades mainly between the 3rd and 4th divisions.

The Guy-Piriou stadium, whose renovation has been dragging on for years, will have to undergo major work to bring it up to standard to be able to host L2 matches. In the meantime, Concarneau could be hosted in Lorient, Brest or Vannes.

Dunkerque, which will have spent only one season in National, validates its comeback thanks to its 3-2 success at Le Mans.

In this season with six descents, Bourg-en-Bresse and Nancy, who could not decide between themselves (3-3) will accompany in National 2 the four teams already condemned: Saint-Brieuc, Bastia-Borgo, Paris 13 Atletico and LePuy.

This match of fear between Bressans and Nancy was interrupted during additional time, due to the throwing of firecrackers on the lawn by ASNL supporters. According to the commentator of FFFtva fire was even lit in the visitors’ stand, which was evacuated.

Both teams left the lawn, before resuming for a minute and ending the match.

For Nancy, National’s biggest budget, with 10 million euros, this second consecutive descent, after that of L2 at National last year, could have serious consequences with in particular the loss of the club’s professional status.

The verdict at the bottom of the table could however still evolve depending on appeals and possible administrative demotions from the DNCG.


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