Clara Campos Alfaro took two university bronzes

The Spanish University Badminton Championship was held in Valladolid and included participation from Albacete.

Spectacular was the performance of Clara Campos Alfaro, who won two bronze medals, in the modalities of women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Clara Campos, trained in the Albacete Badminton Club, is studying at the University of Valladolid, with which she was promoted to the Division of Honor last year and where she has achieved important sporting successes.

The tournament had a hundred participants, all of a very high level, and Clara Campos Alfaro held a great tournament, getting on the podium twice and thus excellently preparing her participation in the Absolute Spanish Championship in two weeks, where she will compete in the female singles and mixed doubles modalities.

Miguel Serrano, together with the Indian Mayekar, who plays in the Division of Honor with San Fernando Valencia. – Photo: Albacete Badminton ClubMario Serrano, from Club Badminton Albacete, also competed in this Spanish University Championship in Valladolid, being the only representative of UCLM in this tournament. His aspirations were to hold a good tournament, taking into account that he had to compete in the group of the top favourite, the Olympian Pablo Abián, unbeaten in Spain for several years now. For Mario Serrano it was quite an experience to be able to compete against rivals with such a track record.

On the other hand, several members of the Albacete Badminton Club participated in other competitions. Cristina Lamas and Paco Castilla competed in Malaga, in the Ronda National Master. Cristina Lamas once again dominated the individual event, winning against Martínez from Seville and she only dropped one set in the entire competition. Paco Castilla also won gold in the men’s doubles, along with Fernando Herrero from Madrid. The success was completed with silver in mixed doubles playing together Cristina and Paco.

In Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia) a test of the absolute national ranking and sub17 was held. In addition to Ángeles Santos, as referee, three rackets from Albacete competed. Lucía Barbero and Miguel Serrano Fernández had a good tournament, while Miguel Serrano Quereda was about to surprise the Indian Mayekar, but lost in the third set 24-22.

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