CB Xàtiva closes the School Games with 8 medals in the regional category

On Saturday, May 27, the Autonomous Championship of the “Jocs Esportius de la Comunitat Valenciana” belonging to the children’s and cadet categories was held in the town of Enguera. The event brought together the first six classified in said categories in each of the tests, adding a total of 70 athletes from 11 clubs in the Valencian Community, to decide the winners of the 2022-2023 edition of the sports games.

The Xàtiva Badminton Club was once again present at the test with a total of nine classified athletes, who at the end of the day achieved a total of eight medals (3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze). The event began with the children’s category matches, where Ximo Torres and Feliu Terol in the men’s singles event were the representatives from Setabense. Both athletes had no problem getting the two victories in their respective groups and thus accessing the final. From CB Xàtiva they state that “the decisive match between the two athletes from Seta was of a high level, where Feliu started by scoring the first set 21-13, in the second Ximo reacted and placed equality on the scoreboard by winning 15- 21. Both reached the third set playing a good game and this was noted in the equality throughout this third set where Feliu after 34 minutes of the match won 21-17, giving the surprise of the morning as he was a junior category and not start as the seed. So, gold for Feliu Terol and silver for Ximo Torres”.

In the doubles test we had the participation of the pair formed by Alexis Piñero and Meshack Martínez, also fry who qualified for this regional category in the children’s category. “They weren’t so lucky and they couldn’t get past the group stage, but it was a great experience to be able to have one more day to continue gaining experience and learning with matches against athletes of a higher category, especially since the differences weren’t that big. , yielding the sets to 17, 18 or 19 points, which denotes great equality”, commented the same sources.

Under-17 Category

On the other hand, in the women’s singles event, Sarai Ramón won bronze and was very close to being able to play the final, “since the pass to said final was played against the athlete from Beneixama Europa Belda in an exciting match that took place He played three sets and finally fell to the side of Alicante by 21-15, 17-21 and 21-16”. In the doubles event, the couple formed by Ainara Gamarra and Selenia Pla (parabadminton athletes) despite to qualify in sixth position, they managed to overcome the group stage with solvency, winning their two matches without difficulties and without losing any set, reaching the final where they faced the couple formed by the athletes of CB El Campello Andrea Baeza and Alba Sevila , “before those who lost by a matched 21-19 and 21-18 in a match where the Setabenses did not quite believe the possibility of victory.”

In the men’s singles category, the Cimas brothers were very close to starring in the final, on the one hand, Jesús passed the group phase without problems and on the other, Marcos played for the pass to the final against Alejandro Carrión, whom he easily won in the first set, but where the CB Manises player reacted to prevail in the following two, leaving Marcos with the bronze. In the final, Jesús won the match without too much effort, due in part to Alejandro’s muscular overload, which reduced his performance in recent matches. Thus, gold for Jesús Cimas and bronze for his brother Marcos Cimas.

In doubles (male and mixed) Jesús and Marcos Cimas took gold after defeating the CB Manises couple formed by Alejandro Carrión and Adrián Roca 21-10 and 21-6. The Setabenses Ximo Torres and Sarai Ramón had to settle for bronze by not taking advantage of the opportunity and defeating this same couple in the group stage, taking advantage of Alejandro’s injury. A match where Ximo and Sarai had to push much harder to gain a place in the final.

At the end of the day, the president of CB Enguera, Mr. Miguel Tortosa Aparicio, together with the Sports Councilor of the Enguera City Council, Mr. Javier Simón Ballester, presented the medals to the winners.

Jesús and Marcos Cimas are proclaimed runners-up

Sunday also had its corresponding appointment with badminton and on this occasion with the same setting, since the Jaime Alegre Pavilion in the town of Enguera was once again the setting for the Regional Championship dispute in the Under-13 categories. and Sub-17, an essential competition to be able to play the Spanish Championships and which is also scoring for the National Ranking.

The Xàtiva Badminton Club participated on this occasion with eight athletes from these categories, 2 in the Under-13 category and the other 4 in the Under-17 category, in a competition that brought together 50 athletes from the Valencian Community.

We begin our chronicle in the Under-17 category, specifically in the men’s doubles event where the Cimas brothers passed the group stage without losing any set to stand in the final against the CB El Campello couple made up of Mateo Fernández and Miguel Payá, the people from Alicante started very strong and scored the first set 21-11 with much superiority, but Marcos and Jesús reacted in an exciting second set in which they won by a close 20-22, thus forcing the third set which was also very equal but ended up falling on the side of mateo and Miguel by 21-16. Finally, silver for the athletes from Setabenses.

We continue with the doubles tests, specifically with the mixed doubles where CB Xàtiva had two couples, the one made up of Ximo Torres and Sarai Ramón and the one made up of Andrea Orquín and Jesús Cimas, unfortunately both had to settle for bronze, remaining behind. a step of the dispute of the final.

In the individual events in the women’s section, Andrea Orquín got another bronze after losing in the semifinals against what would ultimately be the champion, Ángela Viray. The match did not start well for Andrea, who lost the first set 21-9, but was able to win the second set 18-21, forcing the third set where equality on the scoreboard was a constant with streaks for both players, finally the athlete from CB San Fernando de Valencia scored the third set 21-18.

Also in the women’s singles, Sarai Ramón was about to surprise and eliminate the local Leyre Simón in the round of 16 and a candidate to be among the top four in the tournament, in a very good match by Sarai who saw how she had escaped the victory in the last two rallies of the match, with the final result being 21-15, 19-21 and 21-19 in favor of the enguerina. In the men’s section, Ximo Torres and Marcos Cimas stayed in the quarterfinals with two good matches. Marcos lost to Quique Gil by 21-10 and 21-17, and for his part Ximo made Unai Martínez not relax to prevail by 21-14 and 21-16.

We end our summary with the Under-13 category, where the athletes from Seta, Arnau Ballester and Adrià Meseguer had to settle for third place, due to the injury suffered by Arnau and which greatly impaired his game. The pain in his right knee occurred when he was playing the quarterfinals in the singles event and despite winning the first set by a large advantage, he ended up losing that set and the next. Too bad, because Arnau had clear options to get bronze in singles and silver in doubles. On the other hand, Adrià Meseguer was also knocked out in the quarterfinals in the individual event. In his first year playing this type of federated tournaments, Adrià is gaining experience and little by little improving details in his game.

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