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Jose Antonio Jimenez

Jose Antonio Jimenez

The tragedy was consummated. The defeat almost on the horn against Real Madrid and the triumph of Granada against Joventut (73-62) send to Real Betis a la LEB ORO. It lasted that long, that real. Montero’s desperate shot did not go in and the great game against the Euroleague champion fell on deaf ears, unfortunately for an entity that tonight has paid the piper for unfortunate management. There will be time to talk long and exhausted about many things. At the moment, the only thing that needs to be highlighted is the descent to the second category of Spanish basketball.

Seeing the attitude of Real Madrid in the initial stages, it was time to focus on Granada from very early on. A square in which Joventut took advantage of the nerves of the Nasrid team and the poor staging of Thomasson. However, Casimiro’s men did not forget that the merengue team also lowered the piston as the minutes went by. The 24-19 score at the end of the first act was undoubtedly a good score for the Verdiblancos with so much game ahead.

In Calle Goya things were still even, Real Betis did not lose face to the clash (27-23 and 34-34). But Granada pressed and with the help of Bropleh and Maye they took the lead on the scoreboard (28-24). Halfway there, good news for the interests of Real Betis (38-30 in Madrid and 31-35 in Granada). That is, salvation to rest.

The third act began and more of the same. Parity in Madrid and advantage of Joventut in Granada. And the first advantages of the night for Real Betis (42-44). A short advantage that was maintained with the passing of the minutes (48-52) and that knew better after the good performance of a Joventut that controlled the situation already near the start of the final quarter (40-48). A troop that began to add considerable income (up to six points) and that reached the last ten minutes with the score in favor (57-61) and knowing that luck was turning its back on Granada (47-52).

And although those of Pin pulled from the manual in the act of truth, Casimiro’s men were still ahead (57-63). And giving an unthinkable image at the start of hostilities. An image that allowed him to continue ahead despite the step forward taken by Chus Mateo’s men (72-77). Everything looked good, despite Granada’s advantage… until a basket from Williams-Goss sent the LEB ORO to a team that did not deserve to lose tonight, but that has paid dearly for an unfortunate management that is entirely to blame for the third relegation (the second consummated) since Real Betis broke into Spanish basketball.

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