AZ fans not welcome at game with NEC for fear of new disturbances | Football

AZ supporters are not welcome at the away match against NEC on Sunday. The mayor of Nijmegen has banned their arrival following the riots at AZ-West Ham United last Thursday.

Things went wrong on Thursday when a group of AZ supporters reached the main stand of the AFAS Stadium after the match. There, attempts were made to attack family and friends of the West Ham players. It had also been restless in the center earlier in the day.

Nijmegen mayor Hubert Bruls has now decided, in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service and the police, that AZ will travel without supporters. They think the risk of new disturbances is too great.

In recent days, it has not yet been possible to prosecute the AZ fans who misbehaved. This means that they could also travel to Nijmegen.

NEC and AZ meet on Sunday in the penultimate round of the Eredivisie. NEC still has a chance to enforce participation in the play-offs as number eight, while AZ competes with Ajax for third place.

2023-05-20 12:16:17
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