Ayacuchanos brought 32 international championship medals

After the development of the Jiu Jitsu competition “Open School-2023” held in Ayacucho, where the great sporting skill of the competitors was visualized; the instructor and promoter Ronald Javier Aguado Sauñe was emphatic when pointing out that his preparation in these months is to bring the gold medal in the international tournament, which will take place in the Lima district of Callao.

The “Grand Slam-Lima 2023”, held in Lima, yielded 32 medals, including gold, silver and bronze, which has generated more than one satisfaction among the members of the Olympique Judo Club.


1.Damaris Garcia. (Marshal Cáceres); 2.Heydi Ccente (Fatima); 3. Brissa Mendoza. (December 9); 4. Ariel Cusi. (Jesus’s Heart); 5. Nicolas Quispe. (Marshal Cáceres); 6. Maykol Chachayma. (Marshal Cáceres); 7. Leyla Muñoz (Heart of Jesus); 8. Damaris Garcia (Marshal Cáceres)


1. Xiomara Alarcón. Lord Of The Miracles); 2. Antonella Melendez. St. Martin Of Porras); 3. Adrian Cabrera (Unsch); 4. Adriana Abriojo. (St. Anthony); 5. Shayda Alarcon. (December 9); 6. Hellen Velazque. (9 De Velasque); 7. Sunmie Reds. (Fatima); 8. Fran Couple. (Heart Of Jesus); 9. Cesar Huaripaucar. (St. Ramon); 10. Dakini Ramos. (Marshal Caceres); 11. Peter Line. (Marshal Caceres).


1. Michael Berrocal. (St. Charles); 2. Eloy Village. (St. John); 3.Xiomara Alarc. (Lord Of The Miracles); 4. Baker Tacuri. (Marshal Caceres); 5. Katherine Mendoza. (December 9); 6. Angela Yupanqui. (Heart Of Jesus); 7. Yuri Yupanqui. (Heart Of Jesus); 8. Luana Soto. (Marshal Caceres); 9. James Yaranga. (Marshal Caceres); 10. Didier Castro. (Marshal Caceres); 11. Orlando Chaviguri. (Heart Of Jesus); 12. Angel Surrey. (St. John’s).

And A Fifth Place For Manuel Quispe

“Our athletes have already obtained results, I think it is time to support our Ayacucho medalists and in this way promote sports because they are healthy recreation. It is a way for adolescents not to resort to social ills”, clarified the instructor.

“I hope that our mayors and regional authorities join in supporting our athletes to continue obtaining more achievements for Ayacucho, the impossible is being done so that our young people from Ayacucho can train with the different scholarships that are being offered”, Ronald Aguado Sauñe finished.

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