At Judo school by Denis Vieru

Three days with Denis Vieru. The Moldovan judo champion and number one in the 66 kg world ranking was a guest at the Judo Sports Center Olbia over the weekend for an internship organized by maestro Efisio Mele.

And the occasion was such that in Gallura they came from all over Sardinia to train with him. But that’s not all: the US champion Alejandro Ramon Menendez also took part in the Olbia stage, a top athlete of the US national team, second overall in the 66 kg category, just one point behind the first and therefore in the running for the 2024 Olympics, who faced a long journey to confront Vieru. Who from his side in the three days in Olbia, and in the midst of preparation for the grand slam in Austria, did not spare himself, making himself available to all those who wished to learn from him.

A unique experience, in short, for the Olbia Judo Sports Centre, which over the years, under the guidance of maestro Mele, has won important national and international titles, such as the team bronze medal at the 2019 Italian Championship, the medals in the Grand Prix Italia and the three world titles in the Veterans category with Francesco and Raimondo Degortes. Not to mention the events organized, aimed at promoting and enhancing the martial art: just think that the best athletes of the national circuit have climbed onto the Olbian tatami, and some of the most important world-class athletes such as the Olympians Francesco Faraldo, Gabriel Arteaga and the multi-medal winner Odette Giuffrida, still today a top athlete of the Italian national team.

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