Around the country with a baseball bat, 34-year-old reported

In recent days, the carabinieri reported a 34-year-old Romanian resident in Vicenza in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Vicenza for illegal carrying of weapons. The military, engaged in a patrol service at night time, in the center of Malo noticed the presence of a subject on foot holding a baseball bat.

The subject was immediately stopped and the improper weapon, about 90 centimeters long, which the man did not give any justified reason for possessing, was seized. The man was charged in a state of freedom for illegal carrying of weapons. In recent weeks there have been various complaints in a state of freedom in the Scleda area against subjects who, during checks by the carabinieri, were found in possession of weapons, not firearms, for which they have not given any justified reason the possession and which resulted in the complaint in a state of freedom for illegal carrying of weapons.

The legislation in force prohibits the carrying outside one’s home or belongings to it, of weapons, maces or iron sticks, truncheons, knuckles. Without justifiable reason, they cannot take sticks with a sharp tip, pointed or cutting tools capable of hurting, clubs, pipes, chains, slingshots, bolts, metal spheres, as well as any other instrument out of their home or belongings to it. not expressly considered as a pointing or cutting weapon, clearly usable, due to the circumstances of time and place, for the offense to the person. The violation of the law entails the denunciation in a state of freedom.

2023-05-24 15:29:36
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