Aristouy’s huge pressure on RC Lens

Next weekend, if they want to stay in Ligue 1, FC Nantes will have to beat SCO Angers and count on a victory for RC Lens on the field of AJ Auxerre.

The date of the verdict is therefore known. It will be next Saturday, to find out, finally, if FC Nantes manages to stay in Ligue 1. The day after their cruel defeat in Lille, last night, the Canaries are fixed: they will have to beat Angers and count on a setback. ‘Auxerre, at home, against RC Lens.

FCN coach Pierre Aristouy quickly put pressure on RC Lens. Judge instead. “Lens is going to Auxerre. Lens has had a remarkable season. The real Lens should therefore not lose next weekend. A message? It’s a message to a team that has thrilled us all season. The real Lens at the away side shouldn’t lose next weekend.”

Answer next Saturday.

2023-05-28 05:20:18
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