Another novelty for Alonso’s Aston Martin

05/05/2023 at 18:48


The DAZN analyst Albert Fábrega has noticed the additional cooling grills that are incorporated in the Aston Martin car in Miami

“They allow more cooling flow out of the underbody cavity and allow operating targets to be in hotter conditions,” he explains.

The Miami GP promises a show, Although at this point and after what was seen in Baku, it is not yet known if there will be more shows on the track or off it. In any case Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin arrive prepared to the Hard Rock circuit, willing to confirm that they are the second strongest team behind the intractable Red Bull of Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez.

After the Asturian pilot’s statements yesterday Thursday upon his arrival at the circuit, highlighting the importance of high temperatures and degradation in Miami can benefit them, today the DAZN analyst Albert Fábrega has noticed a novelty that incorporates the Aston Martin car in the fifth round of the season.

These are new additional cooling grilles that, according to Fábrega, “allow more cooling flow to exit the cavity under the body, which increases the cooling capacity and allows operational targets to be in hotter conditions” .

The worst result of Alonso this season he is in fourth position, 8 tenths of a point behind third place (in Baku), which gives his followers all the guarantees to trust that he will continue to bring them joy this year.

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