another disaster that suspends the management and leaves an uncertain future

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From so much playing with fire, Real Betis Basketball ended up burned, charred in the bonfire of the vanities of the WiZink Center, the home of the European champion. Real Madrid accelerated in the last two minutes to swallow the Verdiblanco team in one bite with a 9-0 run that, four years after their return to the ACB, put an end to the Betis team’s stay in the Endesa League. Actually, the fall into the abyss was already chewed with that historic slip with Covirán Granada in San Pablo that dragged Betis to the gorge for Williams-Goss to give it the final push. That Joventut did not throw a cable from Nasrid lands surprised no one.

Covirán Granada was saved, which has transmitted throughout the season more club pulse, soul and also enthusiasm than the Verdiblanco team even though it did not have a better squad or a better coach.

but in basketball Multiple factors play that in a territory of extreme equality such as the lower zone of the ACB they end up unbalancing the balance. And the Nasrids stay in the ACB for their own merits, but also for the well-known demerits of a Betis for which almost everything has gone the other way. Because when he put his permanence on track after winning in Gerona going back 19 points, he blew himself up at home against Covirán and he definitely fell into the void after completing, and there is no doubt about this, the best game that Betis is remembered as a visitor on the Real Madrid field despite that cruel ending that ended a black season and opens wide through the door of uncertainty.

The future is uncertain. The Betis-basketball marriage shows signs of exhaustion. What will happen now? Many wonder. The leaders will have to answer it, it is not known if those responsible for the section or the directors of the Real Betis Footballwho have been the ones who have held conversations in recent times with Mexican investors to provide a solution to a section that has always been in deficit (like all Spanish basketball) but it is more when it is managed mal and it is thought that only by hiring two reputable professionals for sports management (Berdi Pérez) and the bench (Casimiro) everything will go smoothly. Or at least fast enough to avoid greater evils such as descent. Clearly this is not enough.

The manager from Astigita has made a mistake in the transfer policy and the man from La Mancha has run out of miracles. Nothing is eternal, but many more elements of the gear have failed. All. All members of the club are responsible for a relegation, starting with the president, Fernando Moral. Some more than others, obviously.

In a season marked by injuries, which have been numerous, and by the constant bustle of players coming and going (up to 21 have defended the Verdiblanca shirt), Betis Basketball would do well to sit down and deeply analyze what is happening so that after seven years of management a project does not take flight, but rather the opposite, through which proven professionals such as Safe Race, Joan Plaza, Luis Casimiro, Juanma Rodriguez and Berdi Perez, who has been in the photo of almost all the successes of Gran Canaria. People who know basketball, who know the business and have been successful in other parts of Spain. Why not in Seville? How is it possible that the results never arrive, not even to stay in the ACB with relative tranquility? Is the analysis reduced to the lack of institutional support and the Sevillian company, as the leaders of Betis have repeated time and time again, or do we have to go deeper and go further?


There are endless questions to answer and perspectives from which to analyze a management that, in global terms, there is no choice but to suspend. And in an emphatic way. Because Of the six seasons in the ACB of the Sevillian team under the auspices of Betis, in three they have finished in relegation positions to the LEB Oro, although in 2017 there was rescue in the offices. Of the 189 games played in these half dozen campaigns, only 57 have been won, 30 percent, and the best win-loss balance was obtained last time, when the team skyrocketed to finish in thirteenth position with thirteen victories.

To be fair, nobody imagined in the summer that the current exercise could end in disaster again. Betis made a great economic effort to retain a good part of the block from the previous year and He even raised the ante to renew Shannon Evans. In the preseason, however, everything began to go wrong after the injury to Nzosa, a player on loan from Unicaja who has played four minutes all year. There were cascading injuries, signings that did not work (Hill, Kurucs, Sylla, Fischer, Gray, Pargo…), also undoubted successes (Montero, Tyson Pérez, Gerun) and even lost the team along the way to the franchise player, Shannon Evans, via transfer to Valencia Basket, a brutal blow to the waterline which seems already forgotten but surely has been lethal for the interests of the team.

Coosur’s sponsorship It was not replaced (there is an agreement with the City Council for the Sevilla brand not yet finished) and attendance in San Pablo has also been below expectations because defeat inevitably generates disappointment and disaffection. So things, Betis’s happiest season with basketball was in LEB Oro, in 2018-2019, with a well-done and winning team that did not stop giving joy. He returns to that second step, only now the category is much tougher. And if not, tell the students, a historic player who has been away from the ACB for two consecutive seasons and will fight in the playoffs to rise. As soon as possible Betis should define what to do with this section: if he throws in the towel and sells it or keeps the project alive to return it to its proper place, the ACB. Don’t forget where you were when Ángel Haro and Betis came to the rescue in 2016.

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