Altuna III ends the Manomanista quarterfinals without setbacks

Jokin Altuna met his goal this Saturday at the Labrit pediment in Pamplona. He has finished the Manomanista quarterfinals without setbacks with a clear victory against Elezkano II that leaves him first in his group and corroborates the feelings he has had so far. He will play the semifinal in seven days against Ezkurdia on the same stage with full guarantees. The Gipuzkoan is fresh and he has not had to waste more than necessary to beat the Biscayan.

The left-handed player from Zaratamo suffered again in the middle of the match and lowered his performance. It has been the pain in his head since he injured it in the duel against Artola and has not allowed him to express himself as he wanted in the rest of the championship. His hand has swelled up again and the pain has been considerable, so he has had to suffer again. And against a rival like the one he had in front of, it is necessary to be in full condition to be able to raise any doubts.

The one who has dressed in Colorado has endured until 8-10. Given his conditions, he was not interested in a rallying match so that his left would not suffer and he tried to finish the goal at the slightest opportunity he had. But rush is not good. He has taken more risks than necessary, but he has not been able to get away in the light despite the fact that Altuna III has not started the fight very well either.

quick match

The confrontation has gone fast. After the tie at five, barely 61 balls had been crossed. It was then that Elezkano II’s errors began to take a toll on him and Amezketa’s began to grow when he saw that his opponent showed signs of weakness. With a run of five goals he has tried to break the match, but the Biscayan has still held on a little longer after playing a drop shot from frame five that has practically died on top of the plate. A couple of good serves have allowed him to partly close the fracture on the scoreboard, but little else has been able to advance.

It was then when the Gipuzkoan has put one more gear to avoid any displeasure. He has taken advantage of the facilities that the Colorado has given him to use the quality that characterizes him and free himself completely. In this way he has set course for victory. Ten consecutive goals in which he has squeezed his right hand both to finish and to put the ball far from the front have helped him achieve the calm he needed.

He missed a couple of balls, but by then Elezkano was already physically impaired. Although the Biscayne has brought out the caste that characterizes him to cut the difference a little more in the light, Altuna has waited for his opportunity and has closed the game with a two-wall house trademark.

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